AndyAndy likes eating spaghetti and playing baseball.  His favorite teams are the Washington Nationals and the New York Yankees.  When older, he wants to be an Engineer. He likes dogs and his favorite color is blue. Andy began playing the piano in June 2017.

Particularly Pleasing Piano Piece-11-17

Hop Skip and a Jump-10-17


Trumpet Song-10-17

Yankee Doodle-9-17

Twinkle Twinkle-9-17

Shall We Dance-9-17

Donkeys Love Carrots-9-17

Come See the Parade-9-17


Off to the Races-8-17

Ode to Joy-8-17

Old McDonald-7-17

Wind in the Trees-7-17

The I Like Song-7-17

Train's A Comin'-7-17