Annelen began learning to play the piano in third grade, September 2010.  She has continued studying with Mrs. Jones since January 2013 and is in the 10th grade.  Her favorite color is black, she likes eating rice, and dogs and cats are her favorite animals. In addition to playing the piano, Annelen enjoys playing basketball and softball.  She enjoys playing piano pieces that are fast and with lots of movement.   

The Matador-3-18

Winter Moon-3-18

Northwoods Toccata-Winter Recital-2-18

Northwoods Toccata (edited)-2-18

Carol of the Bells-12-17

White Christmas-12-17

Two-Gether-11-17 (Buddy Duet)



Where Do I Begin (Love Story)-7-17

The Addams Family Theme-7-17

Off the Hook (Trio)-Annelen, Mark, Makenzie-6-17

Rain on the Lake-3-17

Hello Dolly-3-17

Rock Around the Clock-3-17

Joy to the World-12-16

The Farewell-10-16

Mission Impossible-9-16

Sky's the Limit-9-16

Annelen & Mark-Carnivale-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Annelen & Hart-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Annelen & Mark-Carnivale-6-16

Annelen & Hart-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-6-16

The Departure-5-16

Waltz in C Minor-2-16

Sonatina in G Major-Clementi-2-16

Hallelujah Chorus-12-15

Toccatina in A Minor-9-15



A Distant Shore-(Accompanying School Choir)-5-15

Saorla's Theme-5-15

La Rambla-Duet-4-15

La Rambla-Percussion part-4-15

Taefa's Theme-4-15

Homage to Astor Piazzolla-2-15

German Dance-2-15

Carol of the Bells-Duet-12-14

When Teach Aint Looking-Outdoor Recital-6-14

Scooch-(Duet with Rachel)-Outdoor Recital-6-14

When Teach Aint Looking-6-14


Samoan Fire Dance-2-14 (Recital)

By the Seaside-2-14



Minuet in G Major-8-13

The Tempest-7-13

Roundup (Duet, with Rachel)-6-13 (Outdoor Recital)

Midnight Escapade-6-13 (Outdoor Recital)

The Fly's Adventure-5-13

Midnight Escapade-5-13

Night of the Tarantella-5-13


Theme from Swan Lake-2-13 (Recital)