Autumn began learning to play the piano in early 2016 and continued in Mrs. Jones’ studio in October 2016. Her favorite color is blue, she likes dogs, cats, lions, and tigers. She really enjoys eating orange chicken and candy, too! Her favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. She’s a Girl Scout and likes to sing. Autumn is in the fourth grade, but when older, she wants to become a Kindergarten teacher.

AutumnLollipops and Butterflies-3-18

Lollipops and Butterflies-Winter Recital-2-18

Zelda Zebra-1-18

Deck the Halls-12-17

Hop Skip and a Jump-11-17

Creepy Crawlers-10-17

Bridal Chorus-10-17

Mary Ann-10-17

Rising Star-9-17

Love Somebody-9-17

Simple Gifts-8-17

British Grenadiers-7-17

What Can I Share (Trio)-Autumn, Amaya, Bryson-6-17

Come Fly (Trio)-Autumn, Marjorie, Eva-6-17


Shall We Dance-4-17

Pete the Repeat Bird-2-17

Father Daughter Dance-2-17

Tick Tock-11-16

Old McDonald-10-16