Bella's favorite colors are pink and purple, and she enjoys eating fruit. She began learning to play the piano in July 2016. She loves drawing, painting, and all kinds of animals.  When older, Bella wants to become an artist.


Peter, Peter-4-18

Clock Shop-4-18

Johann the Cat-3-18

Johann the Cat-Winter Recital-2-18

Distant Bells-1-18

Silent Night-12-17

Young Hunter-10-17

Classic Dance-9-17

Ferris Wheel-9-17

Pop Goes the Weasel-9-17

Spanish Guitar-9-17


Bugle Boys-8-17

Lemonade Stand-6-17

Pete the Repeat Bird-2-17

Day is for Sleeping-2-17

Jingle Bells-12-16

Off to the Races-11-16


Tick Tock-11-16

High Wire Tune-Duet-7-16

Wind in the Trees-Duet-8-16

Old McDonald-8-16