Crystal began learning to play the piano in June 2017. When older, she wants to become a gymnast.  Her favorite animals and pets are her kitten, Evie, and flamingos.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple, and her favorite restaurant is McDonalds. She likes the Denver Broncos, Capitals, and Hokies.  Crystal says that she likes playing the piano because it is fun and it makes pretty sounds!


Backstage Pass-4-18

Catch Me If You Can-4-18

Roll the Rice-3-18

Day Dreams-3-18

Whoop de do!-Winter Recital-2-18



A Particularly Pleasing Piano Piece-11-17

Rising Star-11-17

Taco Fiesta-11-17

Bugle Boys-10-17

Rain Rain Go Away-10-17

Trumpet Song-10-17

Lemonade Stand-10-17

Horseback Riding-10-17

Donkeys Love Carrots-10-17

The Happy Stream-9-17

Shall We Dance-9-17

Off to the Races-9-17


Come See the Parade-8-17

Petite Minuet-8-17

Ode to Joy-7-17

Old McDonald-7-17

Wind in the Trees-7-17