Diego wants to be a doctor when he grows up. He began learning to play the piano in September 2016 because it’s fun. He likes the Ravens and also is involved in swimming and soccer. Diego’s favorite color is green. His dog’s name is Josh.

DiegoBoom Boom-10-17

This Land is Your Land-10-17

Little Serenade-9-17

Camptown Races-9-17

Down a Country Road-8-17

Camptown Races-8-17

Hop Skip and a Jump-7-17

Banana Boat Song-7-17

Three O'Clock Chimes (Trio)-Diego, Dylan, Angelina-6-17

Pterodactyls Really Neat-2-17

Buster Buzzbee Strikes Again-2-17

Deck the Halls-12-16

Shall We Dance-11-16

Off to the Races-10-16


Tick Tock-10-16

C Me Play-9-16