Dyanne began learning to play the piano in June 2016, and says it's fun. When she grows up, she wants to be a kid doctor.  She enjoys swimming and her favorite team is the Ravens.  Dyanne's favorite color is purple and she likes unicorns. Her favorite foods are chocolates and fruits.

IsabellaClick Clock Click-10-17

I See (C) Cars-10-17

Stay Sharp-10-17

It's Time To Go-9-17

Backseat Blues-9-17

My Invention-9-17

Banana Split-8-17

Ode to Joy-8-17

Lost My Partner (Trio)-Dyanne, Lucy, Vedika-6-17

Ninja Power-2-17

Up in the Air-2-17

Jingle Bells-12-16

Forget Me Not-11-16

Old McDonald-10-16


Friendly Passenger-9-16

Mary Had a Little Lamb-8-16

Pointer Panda Boogie-Duet-8-16

Middleton's Dance-Duet-7-16