Ethan M

Ethan likes playing the piano because it's fun! He first began learning to play the piano in 2014 and continued his studies with Mrs. Jones in 2016. Some of his favorites include the color blue, dogs, and white pasta.  His favorite team is the Ravens. He likes video games, reading, and going on walks.  When older, Ethan wants to become an astronaut.

EthanLittle Sonatina in C-7-17

M and M Medley-7-17

The Can Can-7-17

C Scale Stomp-7-17

Believe It or Not-2-17

Jeepers Creepers-2-17

Jolly Old St. Nick-Deck the Halls-12-16

End Game-10-16


Autumn Leaves are Falling-Duet-7-16

Trumpet Song-6-16

Lemonade Stand-7-16

Ethan & Hannah-Back & Forth Waltz-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Ethan & Hannah-Back & Forth Waltz-6-16

A Very Normal Piece-5-16

Raindrops on Our Path-Duet-4-16

Petite Minuet (Duet)-3-16

Hip Hop Won't Stop-3-16

The Knights of Young King Arthur-2-16

Come See the Parade-2-16

Ancient People-2-16