In addition to playing the piano, Faith participates in the Art club and travel soccer team.  She also plays the cello and wants to be a lawyer in the future.  Her favorite sports team is the Chicago Cubs. She likes horses and eating waffles.  Faith began studying with Mrs. Jones in June 2017. She says that playing the piano sounds beautiful!

FaithBoom Boom-4-18

Camptown Races-4-18

Little Serenade-3-18

Little Serenade-Winter Recital-2-18

Zelda Zebra-1-18

Away in a Manger-12-17

Hop Skip and a Jump-10-17

Are You Sleeping-10-17

The Spook-10-17


Itsy Bitsy Spider-9-17

Mini Musette-8-17

Shall We Dance-8-17

Off to the Races-6-17