Jasmyn-JadeJasmyn is in 8th grade and began playing the piano in May 2010.  Her favorite color is turquoise and she likes dogs and has a pet fish.  Jasmyn enjoys eating pizza and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She enjoys playing soccer and playing outside with her friends.

Cat Patrol-4-18

German Dance in G Major-3-18

Rage over a Lost Penny-3-18


Rage over a Lost Penny-3-18


Meerkat Capers-Winter Recital-2-18

Meerkat Capers-1-18

Silent Night-12-17


Over the Line-10-17

The Tempest-9-17

Minuet in G Major-9-17



Fiesta Espana-8-17


Song of Kilimanjaro-7-17


Snap Clap Boogie (Trio)-Jasmyn, JP, Phaelle-6-17

Blueberry Blues (Trio)-Jasmyn, Alex, Daven-6-17

The Fly's Adventure-4-17

Amazing Grace-3-17


Sonatina in C Major-2-17

New Kid on the Block-2-17

Jazzy Jingle-12-16

The Unfolding-10-16


Home Run-9-16

End Game-8-16

Jasmyn & Kavineeta-Fire Dance-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Jasmyn & Kavineeta-Fire Dance-6-16

The Crazy Scientist-2-16

Sonatina in C-2-16

Do You Hear What I Hear-12-15

We Three Kings-12-15

Lunar Eclipse-11-15


In the Groove-Metronome Duet-9-15

Midnight Express-8-15

Reflections in the Moonlight-8-15


Avenue B-4-15

Avenue B-Percussion part-4-15

Proceed with Caution-Recital-3-15

Proceed with Caution-2-15

Anyone Home-2-15

The Christmas Song-Duet-1-15

Joy to the World-12-14

Fur Elise (arr.)-8-14

Text Me-7-14

Racing Cheetah-Outdoor Recital-6-14

Riding Shotgun (Friendly Passenger) (Duet with Kingsley)-Outdoor Recital-6-14

Racing Cheetah-6-14

Friendly Passenger (Duet with Mom)-6-14

Pumpkin Boogie-5-14


Riverboat Jazz-2-14 (Recital)

A Day at the Carnival-1-14

Silent Night-12-13

Spanish Caballero-12-13

Sunburst Walltz-12-13

Jumpin' Jazz Cat-12-13

Carefree Waltz-12-13

Pagoda Tree-11-13

Dragon Hunt-10-13

Sword Dance-9-13

Dance of the Irish-9-13

Backstage Pass-6-13

Skip to My Lou (Duet, with Mia)-6-13 (Outdoor Recital)

Pirate of the North Sea-Duet-6-13

Dance Theme and Variation (Duet)-3-13

Starry Night-2-13 (Recital)

Festive Sonatina-Allegro-2-13

Frosty the Snowman-1-13

I Love You Lord-Duet-10/12

Apple Tree Waltz-Duet-8/12

Here I Am to Worship-8/12

Miniature Sonatina-Duet-6/12

Rustic Dance-Duet-4/12

Rainy Days are Special-3/12

I've Got Music (Recital)-2/12

We Wish You a Merry Christmas-12/11

Jingle Bells-12/11

The Clock Shop-10/11

Spanish Guitar-9/11

Firefly (Duet with Mrs. Jones)-7/11

Showboat (Duet with Mrs. Jones)-7/11

Cheerful Chimes (Outdoor Recital)-6/11

A Little Night Music-4/11

Trumpet Voluntary-4/11

Yankee Doodle-3/11

The Leaf and the Bird (Recital)-2/11

The Leaf and the Bird-1/11

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star-11/10


Ode to Joy-8/10

Hot Cross Buns-8/10

Wind in the Trees (Duet with Mrs. Jones)-6/10

Old MacDonald-6/10