KavineetaKavineeta began learning to play the piano in March 2013.  She is in the 6th grade and enjoys playing the piano because it makes her happy.  Her favorite color is pink and she likes eating peas and rice.  Kavineeta enjoys singing and dancing. In her spare time, she likes making videos with her little sister. She also likes horses and wants to be a Marine Biologist when she's older.

Black Cat Scherzo-3-18

Black Cat Scherzo-Winter Recital-2-18

Let it Snow-12-17

Persian Market-10-17

Game Over-10-17



Cossack Ride-9-17


Carnival of Venice-8-17

Court Dance-7-17

Looking Glass River-7-17

Irish Circle Dance (Trio)-Kavineeta, Nyla, Dain-6-17

Bluesy Tuesday (Trio)-Kavineeta, Hannah, Ethan-6-17

Enchanted Garden-6-17

Shadow Chase-2-17

The Wild Rider-2-17

Silent Night-12-16

Text Me-11-16

End Game (Original Version)-10-16

Wild Rider-10-16

Classic Sonatina-1st Movement-10-16

In the Hall of the Mountain King-9-16

Reflections on the Thames-7-16

Kavineeta & Jasmyn-Fire Dance-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Kavineeta & Jasmyn-Fire Dance-6-16

Fur Elise-6-16

Fuego de la pasion-2-16

Runaround Rock-2-16

Joy to the World-12-15

Frosty the Snowman-12-15

Moonlight Sonata (arr.)-10-15

America the Beautiful-Duet-7-15


I've Gotta Toccata-6-15

Spanish Caballero-5-15

Sunburst Waltz-5-15

Hickory Lane-Percussion part-3-15

Hickory Lane-Duet-3-15

Noche del Gitano-Recital-3-15

Tambourine Dance-2-15

Noche del Gitano-2-15

Deck the Halls-12-14


Noche del Gitano-10-14

Dragon Hunt-10-14

Spanish Caballero-9-14

Trumpet Fanfare-9-14

Dance of the Irish-7-14

Pandas on Parade-Outdoor Recital-6-14

Fast Friends (Duet with Sister)-Outdoor Recital-6-14

Pandas on Parade-6-14

Peas and Carrots-Duet with Sister-5-14

Concert Sonatina-Allegro-3-14

Concert Sonatina-Andante-3-14

Five Note Sonatina-2-14 (Recital)

Who Has Seen the Wind?-2-14

Shepherd's Song-Duet-1-14

Miniature Sonatina-Duet-1-14

I've Got Music-1-14

Handbell Choir-12-13

Sleeping Beauty Waltz (Duet)-12-13

Boogie on Broadway (Duet)-11-13

A Merry March-11-13

500 Year Old Melody (Duet)-10-13

Who Has Seen the Wind?-10-13

Square Dance-10-13

The Clock Shop-9-13

The Spanish Guitar-8-13

Firefly (Duet)-7-13

Trumpet Song (Duet)-7-13

Back & Forth Waltz (Duet, with Makenzie)-6-13 (Outdoor Recital)

Yankee Doodle-6-13


Come See the Parade (Duet)-5-13

Ode to Joy (Duet)-4-13

Old MacDonald (Duet)-4-13

Wind in the Trees-Duet-4-13