Kennedy’s favorite colors are pink and purple. In addition to playing the piano, which she began in September 2016, she’s also a ballet dancer. She likes bunny rabbits, and her favorite foods are bananas and strawberries. A pilot is what Kennedy wants to be when she’s older.

KennedyVictory Lap-4-18

My Imaginary Friend-1-18

Jingle Bells-12-17

Make It Happen-10-17

Ice Cream Party-10-17

Skipping Stones-9-17

Diving in the Lake-9-17

Banana Split-8-17

Train's A Comin'-8-17

Wind in the Trees-7-17

Up in the Air-3-17

Mary Had a Little Lamb-11-16

Friendly Passenger-10-16

Middleton's Dance-9-16