Kingsley's favorite color is blue and he likes lizards. He enjoys playing soccer and wants to be a doctor when he grows up.  He began playing the piano in August 2014 and likes it because it's fun! Kingsley's favorite food is tuna fish.

This Land Is Your Land-4-18

M & M Medley-3-18

Fur Elise-3-18

Can Can-3-18

The Star Spangled Banner-3-18

Day Dreams-Winter Recital-2-18

Bat that Ball-2-18

Day Dreams-1-18

O Little Town of Bethlehem-12-17

Jazz Cat-11-17

No Excuses-10-17

Black Cat-10-17

Creepy Crawlers-9-17

Rising Star-9-17


Vivaldi in G-Pentascale Duet-8-17

Snake Dance-7-17

Morning Theme-7-17

If You're Happy-7-17

Victory Day Parade (Trio)- Kingsley, Isabella, Mrs. Jones-6-17

Fiesta for Three Amigos (Trio)-Kingsley, Devyn, Vedika-6-17

Roll the Dice-3-17

The Perceptive Detective-2-17

A Particularly Pleasing Piano Piece-2-17

Hark the Herald Angels Sing-12-16

Hop Skip and a Jump-11-16

Simple Gifts-9-16

Matt My Cat-8-16

Itsy Bitsy Spider-Duet-8-16

Kingsley & Lizzie-Camptown Races-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Camptown Races-Duet-6-16

The Rope Swing-2-16

The Quiet River-2-16

O Come All Ye Faithful-12-15

Jingle Bells-12-15


Yankee Doodle-10-15

Twinkle Twinkle-Duet-10-15

Russian Folk Song-Duet-9-15

Lullaby and Goodnight-9-15

Cheerful Chimes-7-15

My Invention-7-15

Partners at C-Duet-6-15

Ode to Joy-6-15

Old McDonald-Recital-3-15

Old McDonald-1-15

I Hear the Echo-Duet-1-15

The Shepherds Flute-12-14

Wind in the Trees (Duet)-11-14

Riding Shotgun (Friendly Passenger) (Duet with Sister)-Outdoor Recital-6-14