Lauren began piano lessons as a 3rd grader, and continued lessons with Mrs. Jones in September 2014. She likes the sounds that the piano makes. She also plays the saxophone and guitar and wants to be a teacher or veterinarian when she's older.  Her favorite colors are purple and blue, and she likes elephants, dogs, and guinea pigs.

On My Way-11-17

Keeva's Theme-9-17

Smooth Sailing-8-17

Midnight Rider (Trio)-Lauren, Nathan, Michael-6-17

Little Drummer Boy-12-16

Text Me-10-16

Lauren & Nathan-Theme from Symphony 5-Outdoor Recital-6-16


Jolly Old St. Nicholas-12-15

Angry Alligator-10-15


Stuck on Repeat-6-15

Ode to Joy-(Duet with Brother)-6-15

Hickory Lane-Duet-5-15

Hickory Lane-Percussion part-4-15

Ode to Joy-Duet-4-15

Caprice a la Carte-Recital-3-15

Trumpet Fanfare-2-15

Happy Go Lucky-2-15

Ode to Joy-10-14

18th Century Dance-10-14