MailaMaila is 11 years old and began playing the piano in January 2010. Her favorite color is blue and she likes apple cider. Maila enjoys cooking with her Mom, swimming and likes dolphins. Maila loves her sisters, Malika and Aisha, who also play the piano.

Triple Threat-4-18

Sonatina in G Major-3-18

Rainbow Prelude-Winter Recital-2-18

Rainbow Prelude-1-18


Persian Market-10-17

Carnival of Venice-10-17

Scaredy Cat-9-17





Unsolved Mystery (Trio)-Maila, Vanessa, Briana-6-17

Sonatina in G Major-2-17

Morning Dew-2-17

Deck the Halls-12-16

Don't Get It Twisted-11-16

End Game (Medium Version)-10-16


Maila & Makenzie-Wild Dance-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Maila & Makenzie-Wild Dance-6-16

Dragon Hunt-5-16

Spanish Caballero-5-16

Pandas on Parade-5-16

Reflections on the Thames-2-16

Clever Cat-2-16

Jingle Bell Rock-12-15

Rocky Mountain Train-9-15

Sword Dance-9-15

The Bridge to Forever-6-15


Avenue B-Duet-4-15

Avenue B-Percussion part-4-15

Caprice a la Carte-Recital-3-15

Dancing Bears-2-15

Caprice a la Carte-2-15

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree-Duet-12-14

Our Detective Agency (Duet)-11-14

Trumpet Fanfare-7-14

Monkey Blues-7-14

Dance Theme & Variation-Duet-7-14

Windflowers-Outdoor Recital-6-14


Rain Dance-3-14

Bubble Blues-2-14 (Recital)

Bubble Blues-2-14

The Handbell Choir-2-14

Hot Popcorn-Duet-9-13

Back & Forth Waltz (Duet)-8-13

Steps in the Forest (Duet, with Malika)-6-13 (Outdoor Recital)

Boogie on Broadway-Duet-5-13

Russian Sailor Dance (Duet)-5-13

Miniature Sonatina-4-13

Rainy Days are Special-Recital-2-13

I've Got Music-2-13

Forest Drums-11-12

Square Dance-9-12

Merry March-Duet-5/12

The Clock Shop-5/12

Painting with Pastels-3/12

The Leaf and the Bird (Recital)-2/12

Jingle Bells-12/11

My Blue Canoe (Duet)-10/11

Classic Dance-9/11

The Spanish Guitar-8/11

Firefly (Duet with Mrs. Jones)-7/11

Rainy Day (Outdoor Recital)-6/11

Matt, My Cat (Recital)-2/11


Matt, My Cat-1/11

Yankee Doodle-11/10


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star-9/10

Hot Cross Buns-4/10

Merrily We Roll Along-4/10