Malik began learning to play the piano in January 2016, and says it is fun and relaxing. He also plays the Soprano Recorder, has a dog named Lucky, and enjoys eating pizza. Some of his favorite sports teams include the Carolina Panthers and the Miami Heat. In the future, he hopes to become an NBA basketball player. In addition to playing the piano, Malik is involved in Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Track, and Swimming.

MalikO Come All Ye Faithful-12-16

Hop, Skip, and a Jump-9-16

Feelin' Happy-9-16


A Merry March-7-16

Square Dance-6-16

Malik & Raymond-Are you Sleeping-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Malik & Raymond-Are you Sleeping-6-16

Clock Shop-6-16


Trumpet Song-4-16

Lemonade Stand-4-16

Yankee Doodle-4-16

Russian Folk Song-Duet-3-16

Come See the Parade-3-16

Ode to Joy-Duet-2-16

Wind in the Trees-Duet-1-16

Old McDonald-1-16