Marjorie's favorite color is blue and she likes elephants.  She began learning to play the piano in July 2016 and says it's fun. When older, Marjorie wants to become a dentist.  Her other activities include cheerleading and soccer. The Redskins are her favorite team. 

MarjorieI Like Roller Skating-10-17

Yankee Doodle-9-17

Dancing with Frankenstein-9-17


Come Fly (Trio)-Marjorie, Eva, Autumn-6-17


Chugging Choo Choo-2-17

Jolly Old St. Nick-12-16

Shall We Dance-11-16

Little Snail-10-16

Off to the Races-10-16

Tick Tock-10-16

Cha Cha Cha-9-16

C Me Play-9-16

Old McDonald-8-16

Wind in the Trees-Duet-7-16