markMark began playing piano at age 5 and is now in the 11th grade. He likes playing on the football team. Mark enjoys playing the piano most when he's perfecting a piano piece.

Hard Knock Life-8-17

The Brady Bunch-7-17

Off the Hook (Trio)-Mark, Annelen, Makenzie-6-17

Berceuse pour un petit chouve-souris-3-17


Nadia's Theme-3-17

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas-12-16

Mark & Annelen-Carnivale-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Mark & Caden-Aura Lee-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Mark & Annelen-Carnivale-6-16

By the Waterfall-5-16


The 12 Days of Christmas-12-15


In the Woods-6-15

Keeva's Theme-5-15

Dreams from the Isles-Recital-3-15

Dreams from the Isles-2-15

The Farewell-2-15

Winter Wonderland-1-15

Maple Leaf Rag-11-14

Mark, Accompanying School Choir-5-14

Titanium Toccata-2-14 (Recital)

Sonatina in C Major (Haslinger)-10-13

Majestic Splendor-8-13

Arabesque-6-13 (Outdoor Recital)

Fire Dance (Duet, with Hart)-6-13 (Outdoor Recital)

Blue Danube Waltz (Duet, with Daven)-6-13 (Outdoor Recital)

Rhythm Roulette-2-13 (Recital)

By the Seaside-2-13

Don't Stop Believin'-8/12

Theme from Piano Concerto 1-7/12

Midnight Escapade-7/12

Bagatelle in G-4/12

Here I Am to Worship-4/12


Fiesta Espana-3/12

Moonlight Nocturne (Recital)-2/12

Amazing Grace (Recital)-2/12

The Tempest-10/11

Jeopardy Theme-8/11

Phantom of the Keys-7/11

Minuet in G-7/11

Sea Otter Slide (Outdoor Recital)-6/11

Sea Otter Slide-6/11

Sunset Ridge (Recital)-2/11

Sunset Ridge-2/11


Sarabande d'Amour-11/10

Cielito Lindo (Duet with Aaron)-10/10

Rage Over a Lost Penny-8/10

Moonlight Reverie-7/10

Song of Kilimanjaro-7/10

The Fly's Adventure-5/10

Snowflake Rag-4/10


Minuet in G Major, No.2 (Bach)-Recital 2/10

Cielito Lindo (Duet with Zach)-Recital 2/10

Deck the Halls-12/09

Amazing Grace-11/09

The Pink Panther-9/09

Night of the Tarantella-9/09


Linus and Lucy-8/09

Cossack Ride-8/09   


Sonatina in C (Duncombe)-Recital 2/09 (edited clip)

I've Got Music-Recital 2/08