Nyla began learning to play the piano in January 2017. Her favorite color is red and she is a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Nyla likes cats and turtles, enjoys singing, and is a member of her school’s Newspaper Club. Nyla enjoys playing the piano because it's graceful and calming. When older, Nyla aspires to be an astronaut or astronomer.

NylaHorse Drawn Carriage-10-17

Fur Elise (arr.)-10-17

End Game-9-17



Smooth Sailing-8-17

Fuego de la Pasion-8-17

Roll the Dice-8-17

Dragon Hunt-8-17

A Day at the Carnival-8-17

Spanish Caballero-7-17

Jumpin' Jazz Cat-7-17

Irish Circle Dance (Trio)-Nyla, Dain, Kavineeta-6-17


Peas and Carrots-3-17

A Minor Mystery-3-17

Five Note Sonatina-2-17

Concert Sonatina-Allegro-2-17