Phaelle is in the 8th grade and continued learning to play the piano with Mrs. Jones beginning September 2011. Some of her favorites include donuts, strawberries, and the color purple.  Phaelle enjoys gymnastics and would like to have a puppy.  Playing the piano is fun for Phaelle. When she’s older, she would like to become a lawyer.

Bagatelle in G-4-18

Spokane Falls-Winter Recital-2-18

Spokane Falls-2-18

Sonatina in C Major-1-18

Russian Dance-12-17

Fiesta Espana-10-17


Song of Kilimanjaro-9-17


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-9-17

Snowflake Rag-9-17

Snap Clap Boogie (Trio)-Phaelle, Jasmyn, JP-6-17

Prairie Wind-6-17

Tango Espanol-2-17

Minuet in Rondo-2-17

Holly Jolly Christmas-12-16

Main Street-6-16

Main Street-Lap,clap,tap part-6-16

Phaelle & Briana-Cielito Lindo-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Minuet in G Major-2-16

Tritone Blues-2-16

The Little Drummer Boy-12-15

Rohan's Theme-12-15


Keeva's Theme-6-15



Victory Day Parade (Trio)-5-15

Clapping Tune (Trio)-5-15

Lunar Eclipse-4-15

Hickory Lane-Duet, Percussion part-3-15

Hickory Lane-Duet-3-15

Gypsy Rhapsody-Recital-3-15

Gypsy Rhapsody-2-15

The Swing-2-15

Holly Jolly Christmas-Duet-12-14

The Milky Way-12-14

Fur Elise-12-14

Do You Hear What I Hear-Duet-12-14

Gypsy Rhapsody-10-14

The Swing-10-14

Spanish Caballero-10-14

Jumping Jazz Cat-10-14

Sunburst Waltz-10-14

Candy Popper-10-14

Dragon Hunt-10-14

Amen Corner-Outdoor Recital-6-14

Fast Friends (Duet with Mom)-Outdoor Recital-6-14

Text Me-4-14

Secret Agent Boogie-3-14

Buffalo Stampede-2-14 (Recital)

Super Sleuth-2-14

Fiesta de Seville-10-13

Simple Gifts (Duet, with Terence)-6-13 (Outdoor Recital)

Horseman's Night Ride-6-13

Sword Dance (Duet)-6-13

Here I Am to Worship-4-13

The Dancing Bears-2-13 (Recital)

Dance of the Irish-2-13

My Daydream-Duet-5/12

Apple Tree Waltz (Duet)-4/12

Backstage Pass-3/12

A Day at the Carnival (Recital)-2/12

Jingle Bells-12/11

Up on the Housetop-12/11

Feelin' Happy-11/11

Roses for You-10/11