Riley wants to be an actress when she grows up and her favorite animals include the tiger, dogs, and cats. Her favorite color is purple.  In addition to learning to play the piano beginning in November 2015, Riley also participates in ballet and tap dancing. She enjoys playing the piano because, "I like to move my hands!"

HannahSkipping Stones-10-17

Diving in the Lake-9-17

Banana Split-8-17

Men from Mars-8-17

Up in the Air-8-17

Hot Cross Buns-7-17

My Imaginary Friend-4-17

Good to Go-3-17

Peas and Carrots-10-16

Beep Beep-9-16

Knock Knock-9-16

Mary Had a Little Lamb-8-16

Riley & Mrs. Jones-Outdoor Recital-6-16

Middleton's Dance-Duet-2-16

Ridin' Shotgun (Friendly Passenger)-11-15