Vedika's favorite colors are pink and purple.  She enjoys gymnastics and likes giraffes.Vedika is 8 years old and wants to be a spy when she's older. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese, and she likes playing the piano because her big sister, Kavineeta, plays the piano also.

Where Eagles Fly-3-18

The Sun Comes Up-Winter Recital-2-18

The Sun Comes Up-2-18

Baketball Star-2-18

I'll Be Home for Christmas-12-17


Russian Sailor Dance-10-17

Party Song-10-17

Boogie on Broadway-Duet-9-17

Boogie on Broadway-9-17

500 Year Old Melody-9-17

Square Dance-8-17

The Merry March-8-17

Forest Drums-7-17

Painting with Pastels-7-17

No Moon Tonight-7-17

Fiesta for Three Amigos (Trio)-Vedika, Kingsley, Devyn-6-17

Lost My Partner (Trio)-Vedika, Lucy, Dyanne-6-17

Pyramid Power-2-17

Distant Bells-2-17

Jolly Old St. Nick-12-16

Little Serenade-12-16

Down a Country Road-10-16

Spring Song-10-16

Rising Star-9-16

Hop Skip and a Jump-9-16


Spanish Guitar-8-16



Vedika & Devyn-BINGO-Outdoor Recital-6-16



Yankee Doodle-5-16

Zoo on Saturday-2-16

Lollipops and Butterflies-2-16

We Wish You a Merry Christmas-12-16

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-10-15

Come See the Parade-10-15

Russian Folk Song-9-15

Let's Play Ball-9-15


Stars in the Sky-Duet-5-15

Ode to Joy-Duet-3-15

Eating Ice Cream-Duet-Recital-3-15

Eating Ice Cream-Duet-2-15

Mary Had a Little Lamb-12-14

Jingle Bells-12-14

Evening Bells (Duet)-11-14

Water Lillies-10-14

Old McDonald-9-14

Wind in the Trees (Duet)-9-14

Fast Friends (Duet with Sister)-Outdoor Recital-6-14